It is really my privilege to photograph weddings. I have the honor of documenting a couple’s happiest day; a day filled with emotion and excitement, surrounded by family and friends. It is a day that marks the culmination of planning and preparation; and also marks a milestone in a couple’s journey through life together.

To me, wedding photography is so much more than just creating pictures. It's having a connection with your clients so they trust you and are relaxed around you. It's about being creative, anticipating the moment and being ready to photograph it. It's about being engaged with what is happening around you, but being unobtrusive enough so people forget you're there. It's about telling a story. It's about putting your heart into your work, so your clients feel connected to it.

I currently live in Danbury, CT with my wife Margot and our two awesome cats Lucy and Rosy.

When you look at your wedding pictures, I want you to remember what it was like to be there. I take a mostly photojournalistic approach to shooting weddings. I try to tell the story of the day, from getting ready to the ceremony through the end of the reception. While I think it’s important to spend time taking formal pictures of the wedding party and the bride and groom, I otherwise don’t spend a lot of time trying to pose people, or getting them to look a certain way. I feel that people look their best when they’re just being themselves, and they’re comfortable in their own surroundings. I also think that people would rather see themselves laughing with friends or caught in a moment, instead of posed and forcing a smile. My style is attentive, but unobtrusive.

My photographs are very natural, without a lot of artificial post processing. I want my viewers to feel that the subject, composition, and light make the photograph interesting, and not a heavy handed approach to processing. I feel that it's important for wedding photographs to be timeless. I love black and white photos and while I do convert some images to black and white, I tend to deliver a majority of color images.

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